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To the older woman

“I’ll never date woman who’s older than me again” 


“huh ? why ?”


“Well you see, they are bossy, they’ll only see you as kid, they’ll order you around, they won’t listen to you”


“are we talking about older woman in general or just your mom ?”


“fuck you, man! I’m serious here! I’ll never do it again”


“heh. Here let me tell you story about a man who dates a woman older than him”







“Like every other story, this one also start with a meeting. The meeting of our particular protagonist, the man who fall in love with a woman older than him and the woman herself. You see, they are no stranger to each other, they knew each other years before their fated meeting, the meeting that changed it all. They met and from that time they can not be separated, although there was still no word about love but they knew they were way too closed to be called friend.


And, again, like every other story, this one is not  shy away from the power of kiss. The man finally had the courage to kiss the woman. Fortunately for him, the woman didn’t slapped him for what you could call sexual assault. She kissed her back passionately. The kiss that cleared all the doubts in the man’s mind. From that moment, he certain that he loved her.


So he finally said it


I love you” said our beloved hero


I love you too” said the woman he loves


And the rest, as they said, is history”





“what ? that’s all ? how do I know the woman is not bossy and not see the man as a kid that she need to take care of ?


“my story is not finished yet, young padawan,  keep listening and you’ll know”







“The woman who’s older than our guy is a lovely, adoreable, cute and beautiful girl. She may not be the most beautiful woman in the world, she may not has the most gorgeous body, she may not has the smartest functional brain, because let’s admit it, woman with that combination is not exist in our lifetime and possibly never will in anyone’s lifetime. Not until someone invented T-1000 from Terminator 2 who can change it self into many shapes and has a super brain. Watch that movie, it’s awesome. Aaaanywaay, the woman may not be the perfect woman you usually see in a story like this but for our main guy, she is. He loves everything about this woman, he loves how she smiles, he loves how she moves her body in a playful way when she listen to music, he loves her jokes, he loves her everything and when he see something he didn’t like, he would talk to her about it and this is when I say you are wrong, she would listen to what he said and then they would talk about it, trying to find way out by talking their heart content about the problem, like how every problem should be solved by every couple in this world. Or he would try to adapt to it, but first he would talk to her first because he knows that she would listen.


Sure, some of the time, she would ask his man to do this and that but it usually just a small thing even when it was a big thing, it was always for the good of them not just herself and again, when he doesn’t like what she asked, they would talk rationally. The woman won’t dominate the conversation just because she’s older, they would talk without concerning their age, what their concern is they love each other. So they talk like how two people that love each other talk”




“that woman sounds really lovely.. what’s the age difference between them ?”


“hmmm let’s count.. about a year.. the woman was born 9 months earlier than the man”


“soooo, you are saying that the woman is only 9 months older than the man ?”


“but the year they were born are different, though”




“Well, it’s your fault for not saying it more clear. Anyway today is the day that woman is officialy get older than the man. Let’s say happy birthday to her”


“how do you know that ?!”


“of course I know it, that woman is my wife”







Happy birthday to the woman whose face is the first thing I see every morning, I adore you and I love you.